Distribution Services

Our volume distribution service offers the same delivery schedule in selected areas allowing larger volume users sending 40 plus despatches per day to take advantage of same day delivery that are competitive with traditional overnight companies.

Parcel Size

All parcels must be fully addressed and numbered with a maximum single parcel weight not exceed 25kg. Parcels are cubed at 250 Kgs per M3 (25Kgs equals approx 60cm x 40cm x 40cm) with a maximum length of 2m per parcel.

Amalgamated has been operating a parcel distribution service since 1990. Our Operational Centres in Kensington and Clayton operate  vehicles servicing Metropolitan Melbourne. We service the Metropolitan Melbourne area and offer a seamless and transparent Distribution Process including:

  • Distribution of Break Bulk Inter/Intrastate pallets and parcels
  • Collection and consolidation of pallets and parcels, for Interstate/ Intrastate collection
  • Daily distribution of light parcel freight throughout Metropolitan Melbourne
  • Daily distribution of light parcel freight to the Mornington Peninsular and Geelong
  • Prepaid stickers service (Call for more detail)
  • Victorian Country Overnight service

To arrange a comprehensive review of you distribution needs please contact us.

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